Soria Natural blew away their digital sales goals with a 24%+ revenue boost

Through four decades of expertise, Soria Natural is a top innovator in European phytotherapy and nutrition. They offer 100% natural products to nourish your body with powerful active substances that give you the extra boost needed for an energized life!

The problem

Tina the CMO of Soria Natural was feeling neglected by her former agency and they were losing out on a ton of money due to their lack of measures against cart abandonment. It’s like she brought issues that needed solving, but the agency just bolted in horror!

How we solved the problem

Tina got the royal treatment when it came to her onboarding experience!

She had a Professional Services Advisor and Customer Success Manager walking her through every step of the way, all while she got crafted powerful emails in record time.

With data integration and storage to keep their metrics neat, segmentation to target the right people, an email well written that it felt like magic, A/B testings that took out all the guesswork and reporting capabilities they couldn’t believe – We really made something special for them.

And there’s more:  advanced automation features; integrated channels other than emails – because let’s face it we all need some variety in life; not forgetting that we took care of deliverability which works tirelessly behind the scenes 24/7.

All this helped Soria Natural stand tall above its peers!


Soria Natural had been in need of a little extra boost – and they got it! With an increase in owned revenue by 24%, 20% originating from flows, plus recruiting 350+ new subscribers each month – this natural health company is looking better than ever!



Sales attributed via Email marketing


Sales attributed via Email marketing %
24% + revenue via e-mail!