Sadje v pisarni Case study

Sadje v pisarni, is fast growing start-up based in Slovenia. Founded in 2018 whose sole goal was to bring the best possible healthy snacks to offices.

We pulled off a 200% growth rate during the wild 2020/2021 pandemic







The problem

Sadje v pisarni started to see a big shift in customer behavior during pandemic.

People were moving away from their office to their homes.

Their weekly active clients conversion rate dropped for 70%, resulting in some major revenue losses. They needed to quickly shift their business model from b2b to b2c.

How we solved the problem

Our framework allowed us to balance agility and thoroughness. We researched how customers were experiencing the buying journey from ad campaigns and search through to aftersales. And uncover what was causing any doubts and hesitations. 

The rich data set meant that we could create a list of recommendations.

Based on our findings our recommendations included features that would aid decision making, adjustments to the value proposition, navigation, and visual design changes to improve usability.

One insight was that we need to create simple packages to ease the sales and packing process.

Our recommendation was to setup an ecommerce shop for b2c and upgrade logistics to easily provide fresh fruits & veggiez to people stuck at home all over the country.

While all the other delivery providers were experiencing delays and lost shipments, they kept their promise and achieved a 99% successful delivery rate.

All the packages were received within a single business day from the order.

They kept their customers happy by showering them with affection and they returned their love by ordering more and spreading the word.

A lot of their B2B partners stepped back into the game trusting them with taking care of their employees at home.

They even joined forces in launching several charity campaigns in december, which are still going on to this day.

The media grabbed on, and we enjoyed a ton of free PR coverage.

The future looks bright for


200% lift in revenue.