Marjana Brezigar
Marjana Brezigar

Creative Designer


Superb, high-quality fruit – there was no argument about that.
Sadjevpisarni is the leading online fruit shop in Slovenia, specialised for b2b service.

Visual identity

We wanted to keep the old idea of the logo containing a pear with a tie.
The messaging and verbal identity of the brand is healthy, fresh and slightly formal.
Since the target audience for the product are office workers, we created a sufficiently clear and understandable image that would be easily grasped by the consumer group as a healthy alternative to unhealthy meals during their worktime.

The packaging is designed for reuse and is highly durable to function properly in its original condition for multiple use.

The emphasis in the packaging design is placed on minimalism and ergonomics, where fruit itself brings out the vibrant colors and excitement to the design. 

A product includes a branded foodsafe paper cover, paired with a custom sticker to elevate the unboxing experience. While entirely functional, they are also a space to display the branding. The stickers, printed on a special film using tactile varnish and custom branded paper also feature elements that allow to reflex the sense and quality of materials and generate trust and awareness among consumers.

logo design case study

Brand positioning

We have developed a comprehensive visual type system for the brand, which
enables Sadjevpisarni to uniformly present itself across all consumer touch points.

Sadjevpisarni is not just a fruit box, but a complete lifestyle, and that’s exactly the vibe it now gives off. It’s designed to make you feel good.

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