David Žalec
David Žalec


Revitalizing F45 Gym after the COVID-19 Pandemic

F45 Gym was dealing with an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business had slowed down – requiring a creative solution to jumpstart operations: acquiring new clients, which would revitalize their state-of-the art fitness center.

The problem

F45 Gym felt the hard-hitting effects of the pandemic, with a drastic decrease in members and revenue. With operations at risk, they looked for creative solutions to bring new customers on board.

How we solved the problem

Our team leapt into action to lend a helping hand when F45 Gym needed it most. Working together, we crafted targeted campaigns and promotions that were tailored for success – offering discounted rates, developing visually captivating social media content and running laser-focused advertisements all played their part in enticing new customers.


Our team’s hard work paid off for F45 Gym, leading to a much-needed resurgence in the gym. Not only did membership jump due to targeted campaigns and promotions, revenues also saw an increase as Tony was able express his gratitude at the support provided during this challenging time period.

He described our professionals as reliable problem solvers – skilled enough provide direct solutions when needed most!


Despite the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, F45 Gym was able to tap into a successful resurgence with help from our team.

Through tailored marketing campaigns and promotions, we were proud to assist Tony in bringing new life back into his gym.

With increased memberships and revenue, the ability for creativity to be supported during challenging times has been proven successful.

After COVID-19 Pandemic stopped:

Their incredible dedication to customer satisfaction has been rewarded, with previous customers returning and new ones joining them. This marks a milestone on their journey of success!

Our clients have plenty to say about our products and services, but here’s the takeaway: 

toni jukic
Toni Jukič
CEO @ F45 Bezigrad
"David is very reliable, has alot of skills, he knows what he is talking about is direct,honest, and a great person to work with."
David Žalec
David Žalec

David Žalec is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with! He reigns as the CEO of ADGY, making optimization look easy. His superpower? Helping any business reach its conversion rate goals quickly and efficiently - like a boss!

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