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In today’s world, first impressions are more important than ever. When someone comes to your website, the About Us page is often one of the first things they’ll see.

It’s an opportunity for a company to share its story, values, and mission with potential customers and establish a connection with them.

An effective “About Us” page should be well-written, engaging, and provide a clear message about the company’s identity and purpose. It should also highlight the company’s unique selling points, such as its history, achievements, and unique approach to its industry.

1.Having a compelling "About Us" page is important for several reasons:

Building Trust: A well-written “About Us” page can help build trust with potential customers by providing transparency about the company’s history, mission, and values.

Establishing Credibility: By highlighting the company’s achievements and accomplishments, a compelling “About Us” page can help establish credibility and demonstrate the company’s expertise in its field.

Differentiating from Competitors: A well-crafted “About Us” page can differentiate a company from its competitors by showcasing its unique brand identity and approach to its industry.

Establishing a Connection: A “About Us” page is an opportunity to share the company’s story and create an emotional connection with potential customers. This can help foster loyalty and encourage customers to choose the company over its competitors.

2. A few tips to help you create an about page that will really stand out

2. 1. Tell your story

A company’s “About Us” page is the perfect place to share its story and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the business.
You should weave all details together like a story, giving the visitor an engaging experience with each answer they receive.

2. 2. What the company believes in?

By including information about what the company believes in, it can help build trust and establish credibility with potential customers. A company that is transparent about its beliefs and values can also differentiate itself from competitors and create a stronger brand identity. Additionally, sharing what the company believes in can create an emotional connection with potential customers and show that the company is more than just a business, but a group of individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Ultimately, a company’s “About Us” page should reflect its unique personality and beliefs, and be a true reflection of what the company stands for.

what the company believes in

Source: Sadje v pisarni

2. 3. How the company was born?

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to be a wordsmith or write an entire book in order to capture your story and growth. All it takes is just a few paragraphs of insight into those key moments that defined what you are today – especially highlighting the “Eureka!” moment where everything crystallized! That way, people get more than just dates and facts when they read about your journey.

Story of the company

Source: Sadje v pisarni

how thw company was born

Source: Sadje v pisarni

2. 3. Who is your team?

When a customer visits a company’s “About Us” page, they often want to know who is behind the business. Show your audience the real faces behind what you do and give them a glimpse at who makes it all happen! Show off your team’s dynamic by introducing their shared values and including photos of each member – it’ll give a friendly, human touch to the experience.

meet the team

2. 4. What is your mission?

A clear mission statement can help to differentiate the company from its competitors and establish a unique brand identity. Additionally, a strong mission statement can inspire and engage customers, and provide a sense of purpose and meaning for everyone associated with the company.

When writing the “Your Mission” section of the “About Us” page, it’s important to keep the language simple and easy to understand. The mission statement should be concise, memorable, and accurately reflect the company’s values and goals.

mission statement

2. 5. What’s your company culture and your contribution to the greater picture?

Our customers deserve nothing less than the best – not just great service, but human connection too! Show customers who you really are – from the values that matter most to how your company is making a positive difference in the world around us. Let them see why they’re interacting with real people when working with you.


contribution to the greater picture
company culture

A strong “About Us” page is essential for any business that wants to create a connection with its customers. By letting your customers know who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different, you can begin to build trust and rapport. These elements are crucial for any company that wants to establish themselves as a leader in their industry. Is your “About Us” page up to par? If not, consider making some changes today.

Frequently asked questions about ‘about us’ page

What is an "About Us" page?

The "About Us" page is a section of a company's website that provides information about the business, including its history, mission, and key individuals. This page is an opportunity for a company to share its story and make a personal connection with potential customers.

Why is an "About Us" page important?

An "About Us" page is important because it provides a behind-the-scenes look at a company and helps to build trust and establish credibility with potential customers. By sharing its story, mission, and values, a company can differentiate itself from competitors and establish a unique brand identity.

What should be included in an "About Us" page?

An "About Us" page should include information about the company's history, mission, values, and key individuals. Additionally, it may include photos and videos to bring the story to life, as well as a contact form for potential customers to get in touch.

How should an "About Us" page be written?

An "About Us" page should be written in a conversational tone, using clear and concise language. The language should be simple and easy to understand, and the page should be visually appealing, with images and videos to bring the story to life.

What is the purpose of an "About Us" page?

The purpose of an "About Us" page is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at a company and to build trust and establish credibility with potential customers. This page should provide a clear picture of what the company stands for and what it hopes to achieve, and it should help to differentiate the company from its competitors.

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