ADGY is here to take your digital marketing game up a notch.

With us on board, nothing can stand between you and market domination.

Adgy program offers a full-funnel media strategy and makes us your marketing department.

→ Get a bangin’ return on ad dollars when you invest in paid acquisition channels.

→ Improve your messaging strategy through customer research and analysis.

→ Increase online sales by using behavioral psychology, persuasion, and neuromarketing.

→ Implement techniques to level up your brand — no matter your industry or role.

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Some of the companies we work with:

The ADGY Framework unlocks the ability to transform and grow your business in unprecedented ways - providing all of the tools necessary for success!

If you want an end-to-end solution, we’re your one-stop-shop, from planning and analytics to delivery and management. With our full-scale digital marketing capabilities, we’ll challenge and grow your current model through customer acquisition and brand amplification or attack untapped audience segments to sustain industry leadership.

[We advise on marketing strategy & programs and create a strategic narrative with you]

In the modern marketplace, customers expect more than just a product or service - they want an experience.

Your company needs something more than the usual marketing tactics – a captivating story that reveals your identity, distinguishes you from competitors and clearly communicates why customers should choose you.

You need an engaging narrative to connect with potential consumers on a deeper level which will make them identify with your brand and stay loyal in changing times making it truly stand out of the crowd.

We build this unique story for you – one that encompasses both who have been as well as where you’re headed- ensuring lasting relationships between customer and business!

[Campaign strategy, optimization & reporting.]

Stellar marketing outcomes don't occur without calculated and intentional execution. By carefully designing a campaign, you can achieve the remarkable results your business seeks!

A successful marketing campaign is within reach – the key is to carefully plan and effectively manage it! With diligence and effort, we can make your dreams into a reality.

Nowadays, navigating the complexities of an effective marketing campaign can be daunting. That’s why you need a team of experienced professionals.

Our innovative process isn’t just about checking off boxes – it involves analyzing and iterating to optimize results while staying competitive in this ever-changing digital world.

This is achieved by setting realistic objectives, forming collaborative strategies that fit your specific needs, tracking progress towards goals over time and adapting based on data insights and customer feedback.

At the core of our work are three principles: agility, innovation & experimentation; all essential elements for creating successful campaigns in today’s marketplace.

[ Get campaign planning & management right]

The foundation of any effective campaign begins with a well-crafted marketing strategy. Whether it's through creative advertising or thoughtful outreach, a strong plan will ensure the success of your endeavor.

To be ahead of the competition, we create a personalized plan tailored to your brand and target market.

Our team brings together research on competitors, audiences, markets – all with an aim towards increasing awareness around potential solutions that their customers may not have been aware of before.

We strive to make sure our clients are one step closer in achieving those end goals they set out at the start while moving through each stage in the customer journey gracefully.

With targeted problem-solving strategies applied across every level of audience engagement from first contact up till conversion decision making phase; success is made achievable by creating lasting impressions within preferred choice platforms for maximum reachability and higher viewership retention rates!

[Get an in-depth understanding of what is working & what’s not: we help you set up the pipeline reporting & funnel optimization.]

Unlock greater success with your company through the power of online advertising on some of the world's most profitable platforms - Meta, Google, Linkedin, Youtube and Tik Tok.

Launching a campaign is only the beginning of its journey towards success. By focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyzing all data received, we can make sure that we are heading in the right direction – avoiding wasted money and time while maximizing return on investment! Insightful evaluations ensure our work has an impact, allowing us to reach marketing objectives with greater ease.

Let us help you navigate the customer journey and take advantage of every possibility!

Our comprehensive analysis will map out your sales funnel from start to finish, so that all decisions are driven by data.

We also offer optimization strategies that can grow your traffic while boosting marketing performance for maximum results – no more wasting time or money on ineffective campaigns!

Let’s focus instead on activities proven to bring a positive return.

[Monthly performance reporting]

Our team is dedicated to helping you stay on top of your marketing game by providing insightful monthly reports and always striving for better results.

Every month, we reflect on our successes and opportunities for improvements according to the objectives originally set by us.

Utilizing customer insights, employing strategic data analysis and tracking performance of campaigns allows us to tailor the approach for maximum impact.

We are constantly striving towards excellence so that your customers can find you with ease.

[Audience development & targeting]

With audience development & targeting, we ensure that your business remains top-of-mind and captivates the attention of those most likely to become loyal customers.

Audience development gives you a direct line to the customer and allows you to make an impression that lasts! By making this connection, your business will have more of an impact.

By utilizing custom audiences, we make your marketing efforts more effective by connecting directly with those individuals who already show an interest in you!

You can ensure that the right people see your ads and messages at the perfect moment.

Through this process of audience development – from focusing on new consumers to turning them into customers and eventually developing long-term loyalty – our mission is to help strengthen relationships between brands and their target market.

[Google Analytics Audit]

Accurately understanding your data is essential for success. Google Analytics Audit provides the assurance that you can rely on its quality and integrity to make informed decisions.

To ensure the accuracy of our analytics, it is essential to periodically review them and determine if any integrations or tracking are malfunctioning. By deliberately examining the data we can identify outdated systems that may require adjustments and take steps towards improving trustworthiness where necessary.

[A/B Testing]

With A/B testing, we are able to gain useful insight into our advertising campaigns and quickly make necessary adjustments for improved performance.

When it comes to advertising, the key is data-driven decision making. A/B testing provides critical insight into which version of an advertisement has a greater impact on its audience so that investments in marketing yield higher returns instead of being left up to guesswork and “feelings”. With these tests at our disposal, we can implement campaigns with confidence knowing they are backed by hard facts!

[Campaigns focus on demand creation – New campaigns launch every 6-8 weeks (Sales page, copy, photoshooting, video production, ads). ]

Our team is constantly striving to keep customers engaged and satisfied. We stay ahead of the curve by launching fresh campaigns every 6-8 weeks, keeping conversations lively and interactive!

As any successful business knows, creating a lasting impression with customers is vital for success.

Your brand or service should remain top of mind; the only way to make that happen? Repetition! Regular campaigns will bring in new faces and provide useful feedback from your users on their experiences and preferences – invaluable data.

However, too much repetition can cause advertisement fatigue as people become desensitized to what you have to say.

To keep them engaged and interested over time it’s important not just use same old pitch but mix things up by introducing fresh ideas every two months- giving an extra flavor each cycle keeps returning customers coming back again…and again..and oh yeah once more!

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs

To see success, your campaigns must power up demand and get people excited!

Crafting compelling and engaging content is key to creating curiosity in products or services that customers didn’t know they wanted. We provide pertinent information on common issues, showcase our product as the ideal solution with unbeatable value – a recipe for generating awareness, engagement, and leads!

[Messaging & design optimization]

Increase conversions by optimizing your messaging & design

To engage the customers you must convey your core messaging, answer their questions and show them value with succinct yet compelling messaging.

Your website messaging and design lies at the core of how you communicate the benefits of your business.

However pretty a site may be, it is useless if users can’t find what they’re looking for. Understanding how your users are finding, interacting with, and purchasing on your site allows us to design a user-friendly experience and ultimately increase conversions.

[ E-mail & SMS marketing]

Boost engagement to your brand with E-mail & SMS marketing

Did you know that at least 99% of consumers check their email daily?

Email marketing consistently wins out over all other marketing channels and it is the most effective way to communicate with your customers.

Email marketing makes the customers on your email list aware of new products or services, and discounts, educating your audience on the value of your brand and the sale of a product or service.

With automated emails, we set up if/then paths for consumers, enhancing the relevance and appeal of your emails. They reach the right people with the right message at the right moment, without doing the work every time.

With newsletters we update them about your brand’s latest products and services, informing them about your discounts and offers and selling your products or services.

With abandoned cart text messages, we are encouraging customers to complete their orders.

With such effective email marketing, we convert prospects into customers, nurture them and turn them into repeat customers.

Adgy framework package has one special feature – advanced automated email.
In it, we target people who have ordered a certain product so that in the future they will automatically receive messages with interesting content related to this product or recommend another product related to the first one.

Great email marketing is used in combination with SMS marketing.

By sms we are sending text message campaigns, promotions, news, updates, and more to customers who have opted in.

That’s how we deliver your customers the right messages at the right times, leading to improved engagement, sales, and a huge return on your investment.

[Platform-specific messaging & design]

The list of platforms is growing and the "one messaging and one design for all" approach never works.

Not all content and design are suitable for every platform, and sharing the same content across all platforms would negatively impact your results and make your channels look unprofessional.

When communicating across multiple channels, we create platform-specific content and design. This is critical to maximizing your impact.

[ SEO – Link building], [ SEO – Technical SEO]

Bring more search traffic on your side with SEO - search engine optimization - technical SEO, link building

Optimizing your website’s content is essential to achieving higher rankings on Google but don’t forget about the power of backlinks!

Engaging other websites and having them link to yours can provide a major boost in boosting visibility across search engine platforms.

Link building can be a great way to increase the visibility of your website and ensure that it is respected by major search engines like Google.

By investing in link building, you will help elevate the authority and ranking of key pages on your site, allowing them to reach an even wider audience.

Our technical SEO expertise ensures that your website runs smoothly and effectively, proactively identifying any broken links or potential issues before they cause problems.

If your website’s technical hiccups cause Google trouble, you could be facing serious SEO consequences.

Broken links are no small issue – they can take a toll on your online presence and rank!

[Data-driven influencer marketing]

Drive your business forward with optimal, data-driven influencer marketing for maximum campaign success.

The secret to taking your influencer marketing activities to the next level is being data-driven.

By collecting data, we can measure how individual influencers fare in their tasks as well as evaluate overall campaign performance – all of which help calculate ROI and optimize future initiatives!

[Advanced E-mail & SMS marketing]

The Adgy framework package revolutionizes email marketing with its advanced automated emails, allowing you to stay connected to customers on a whole new level.

Our aim is to create tailored experiences for our customers, by sending them customized messages featuring relevant content and product recommendations related to the items they’ve previously purchased. This helps us provide more personal interaction with each shopper, encouraging a deeper relationship between customer and company.

[Content marketing]

Our goal is to attract and retain an audience through standout content that's valuable, relevant, and consistently engaging.

Content marketing is far more than just a sales pitch, it’s about giving your potential customers and existing clients genuine value.

We create compelling content tailored to each customer’s needs that keeps them engaged with you along their entire buying journey; from SEO optimized blogs to social media posts – our goal is always helping people solve problems in ways only you can provide.

In addition to improving ranking on Google, content marketing shows your audience that they matter by demonstrating meaningful interest in the topics relevant to them over time.

When buyers are ready for purchase decisions later down the line, loyalty already lies within due largely thanks helpful resources provided through this type of approach!

[Platform-specific messaging & design]

With photos and videos, bring your brand to life and create a distinct identity that will leave an impact on the minds of consumers.

In our digital world, words alone can’t capture attention the way creative visuals do.

Let our team of pros move beyond mere content and help your story come to life! With striking images, video production that stands out from the crowd, and expertly crafted stories tailored for you – all fused together in perfect harmony – we will make sure your message resonates with an audience like never before.

[Account based marketing]

Unlock the full potential of your business by leveraging an Account-based Marketing program - a surefire way to drive growth and maximize returns.

ABM represents the cutting-edge of digital marketing, allowing us to create campaigns tailored specifically for one or more customer accounts. Instead of sending mass emails and messages to anyone who may be interested in our products or services, ABM allows us to identify key decision makers within an organization and target them with sales programs designed around their specific needs. In this way we make sure that each account is hearing exactly what they need from us – ensuring efficient rapport building between potential customers and vendors alike!

ADGY Framework - summary

→ We advise on marketing strategy & programs and create a strategic narrative with you

→ Campaign strategy, optimization & reporting.

→ Get campaign planning & management right

→ PPC management (Meta, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube)

→ Get an in-depth understanding of what is working & what’s not: we help you set up the pipeline reporting & funnel optimization.

→ Monthly performance reporting

→ Audience development & targeting

→ Google Analytics Audit

→ A/B Testing

→ Campaigns focus on demand creation

→ New campaigns launch every 6-8 weeks (Sales page, copy, photoshooting, video production, ads).

→ Messaging & design optimization

→ E-mail & SMS marketing

→ Advanced E-mail & SMS marketing

→ Platform-specific messaging & design

→ SEO – Link building

→ SEO – Technical SEO

→ Content marketing

→ Data-driven influencer marketing

→ Account based marketing

Enhance your marketing efforts, starting from $4500 per month.

Who’s the end-to-end digital program for?

What Size?

Our program is for medium to large enterprises. Most of our clients are already looking to scale, or want to start using the right processes. You’ll need at least 10,000 unique visitors per month to your website for us to run our program.

What industry?

We can apply our scientific methods to any industry. What’s important is that you want to run better experiments, understand your customers better and make better business decisions.

What’s the commitment?

Our ADGY Framework program starts from $4,500 per month on a 12-month program. This includes everything from analytics audits and experimentation program maturity assessments to user research and test execution. You’ll work alongside our team of strategists, designers, developers, conversion copywriters and project managers to execute your program.

At our company, we go beyond providing just a helping hand. 

We offer the resources to create something that will stand the test of time – empowering you to build your legacy!

Get ready to make your mark! Unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Don’t settle for what’s expected, instead blaze a new path that’ll be remembered as your legacy.

If you’re looking to break away from the mundane and take your business to unstoppable heights, look no further than our process.

Through automated digital technology, precise measurement processes, intelligent content writing & production strategies and a deep understanding of customer behavior – we are delivering tangible results that render damaging effects obsolete while building strong relationships over time – the 80/20 retention rule at its best!

Empower yourself with an efficient flywheel that minimizes churn risk so you can maximize CLV – allowing unlimited possibilities in today’s competitive market space.

Ready to make your move? Don’t wait another second – take action and press the button!

Our clients have plenty to say about our products and services, but here’s the takeaway 

toni jukic
Toni Jukič
CEO @ F45 Bezigrad
"David is very reliable, has alot of skills, he knows what he is talking about is direct,honest, and a great person to work with."
Play Video about Adgy Testimonial - Toni Jukič - F45
Jure Damjan
Jure Damjan
"As the founder of a large e-commerce company, I was impressed with ADGY. Their speed, expertise, and experience were top-notch, and I appreciated their ability to provide a full range of services under one roof. This made it much easier for me to navigate the business process and achieve the results we were looking for. Overall, I highly recommend this agency to any business looking to create a brand that stands out in the market."
ziga anzlovar
Žiga Anžlovar
CEO @King Of Prosciutto
"I feel like a lottery winner every day since I crossed paths with ADGY - They are simply amazing and have made my business bloom!"
Play Video about adgy testimonial - Ziga Anzlovar

7 damn good reasons why you should work with ADGY


A gang of brainy consultants has arrived to help shake up your business!

Unleash the power of a team from all ends of digital marketing - an account director, experimentation strategist, persuasive designer, conversion copywriter and QA analyst. With their combined expertise your business will be streamlined for success!


Tired of your same old performance? Don't worry, let's turn it around and give you a shiny new show to wow the crowd!

Drawing from our full suite of services and solutions, we design customized roadmaps to help you break barriers and unleash your potential.


Seizing the chance to achieve colossal success - that's our modus operandi!

Is your data infrastructure leaving you feeling lost in the dark? Light up your measurement capabilities with the right tools so that you can dazzle everyone and show off how cleverly awesome you are at decision-making! Use those special metrics to make sure every move is a winning one.


Are you lost in the sea of possibilities? Let us be your trusty GPS and chart a course for success with our strategic long-term roadmapping!

Our marketing team is never content to sit back and rest on our laurels - we're always looking for new ways to spread the good word about your brand. We'll dive headfirst into every nook and cranny of the digital world, making sure nothing stops us from connecting with potential customers!


Get your financial house in order and make sure the competition can't keep up! Maximize spending for maximum performance.

You could say we're magicians when it comes to squeezing maximum value from your budget while making sure you stay one step ahead of rival businesses. Our top-notch testing and optimization tools help us do the trick!


Predictive Intelligence to Engage Customers.

Fueled by predictive intelligence and a data-driven approach, we help you consistently increase customer acquisition and retention.


Up your lifetime value game

To do that, we balance your budget between paid/organic, where you’ll create a perpetual flywheel of acquisition, retention, and growth.