We never settle for MEDIOCRITY.

Tap into your limitless potential and let us help you bloom brighter than a sunflower! Unleash your wildest dreams and watch as they sprout to life.

Hi, I’m David – an ambitious entrepreneur who’s raced to the top of both athletics and business.

A former elite athlete turned founder of ADGY marketing agency as well as a founder of a super successful B2B subscription company – Sadje v pisarni.

It all started 6 years ago from a humble beginning with just $50, an ancient laptop from my girlfriend, and a baby boy in my hands that set me out to achieve great things.

After several long years of sweat and toil, I soon realized that the only way to really provide for my family was to expand my business – so without a second thought or any fear of being turned down flat, I did something totally crazy: meticulously studied everything about marketing so those customers would come flooding in.

With a blink of an eye, we’ve rocketed through years to now and we work with some major players –  Mercedes, Porsche, DSV, Jeep, BMW, Roche, and 300+ more

At 29, I had built a thriving business of 15 people and an impressive Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) exceeding $800.000 + with growth rates at 40% or more annually! 

My success garnered recognition from multiple media outlets and invitations to high-profile conferences, podcasts, webinars & TV shows. Through these experiences, my marketing agency began its journey into the world.

Three years ago, I boldly accepted a bold mission: to help an up-and-coming businesses grow and take over the world – with marketing!

Now here we are, working towards our goal of global domination (in a positive way, haha 🙂 ).

But enough about me – what has brought you here?

What solutions can we offer your business to tackle any obstacles it may face?

Let’s have that conversation now so I can get an understanding of who you are and how this partnership could benefit us both!

Gotcha! Turns out this isn’t just about us, it’s also a page dedicated to you.

Time to shine in the spotlight and show us what you’re made of!

Being an entrepreneur is certainly no walk in the park!

You’ve been taking on a heavy load of responsibility and feeling like you’re balancing your life between success…and bankruptcy.

Not to mention, seemingly endless hours that come with any good hustle.

Oh, but don’t forget about competing against business bigwigs who already have name recognition and resources coming out their ears – it’s enough to make anyone feel small potatoes!

It’s time to level-up and unlock your full potential!

That dream lifestyle of more money, extra quality time with the family, and lasting financial security can be yours — so take a stand against mediocrity. 

With our support you’ll have all that plus make those ambitious goals real in no time.

Unstoppable possibilities.

Let us join forces and catapult your brand to the head of its field! Forget limits; together, we’ll rewrite the marketing playbook.

We’re so disruptive you can count on monumental success with our help.

We’re the Agency You’re Looking For.

We’re your sidekick, leading the charge for world domination!

Together we’re a dynamic duo—built on trust and open communication.

Let’s get ready to rumble because growth never stops around here!

We accept no limits.

We’re shaking things up and striving for success! Bringing positive change to make sure the future is brighter than ever.

We’re inclusive.

Our hiring, communications and promotions are as colorful as a box of crayons – we celebrate our radically different backgrounds with open arms.

Our clients love the rainbow of perspectives that join forces to create something truly special!

We own it.

We take responsibility for our actions and don’t shy away from tough choices – even when the consequences might not always be pleasant!

We strive to make a positive impact in areas like our teams, markets, and society at large. 

Meet the team

david žalec adgy

David Žalec


David is the mastermind behind ADGY! He’s a CEO with extraordinary powers, like T-shaped knowledge that gets any business to their goals dazzingly fast. If you’re looking for someone who’ll boss around your bottom line…look no further than David – because he knows how to make marketing look easy peasy!

marjana brezigar adgy

Marjana Brezigar

Creative designer

Marjana is a true creative force with a passion for the highest standards that are unmatched. With her innovative approach to visual creatives, she’s taking the lead on our creative design projects, pushing the boundaries and delivering designs that exceed our client’s expectations. 


Mojca Brezigar

Conversion Copywriter

Mojca is an expert in transforming words into gold – or as she likes to call it, Conversion Copywriting at ADGY! With her exceptional writing skills, she has a talent for taking ordinary language and transforming it into compelling, persuasive copy that drives results. She has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of what makes people tick, which she leverages to craft copy that engages and converts.