ADGY is a results-driven digital marketing agency.

We help brands to break through the noise and create a new way to grow and sustain market leadership.

We offer SEO, CRO, PPC, and Web Design services to help you:

→ Get a great return on ad spend for key paid acquisition channels like Google Ads, Meta Ads, YouTube Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

→ Improve your messaging strategy through customer research and analysis.

→ Increase online sales by using behavioral psychology, persuasion, and neuromarketing.

→ Implement techniques to level up your brand — no matter your industry or role.

David Žalec


Some of the companies we work with:

There’s a Reason Our Clients Stick Around.

When you partner with like-minded people, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. We help grow global businesses all over the world.

No hacks.
Just great marketing.

We’re your partner in success. Our all-encompassing approach is fueled by strategy and driven by a fierce determination to drive unlimited growth for you, which means we never settle!

As the long-term marketers that are committed to providing our clients multi-channel digital marketing strategies as they evolve – it’s this dedication alone that has helped countless companies reach new heights

We take you beyond your comfort zone to be more successful.

That’s why we have gathered together a wide range of services and features to ensure that no matter what your unique business challenges are, you can find the service package right for you!

The flexibility in our bundled packages allows us to tailor-made solutions according to each specific need so there isn’t any one size fits all solution out here – because who wants something average?

We offer a full-scale digital media solution to help you outperform your current marketing model

Through customer acquisition, brand amplification, or uncovering and attacking new growth opportunities.

End- to- end

We help brands and agencies build their digital marketing teams by providing the people, processes, and tools they need. We're a team of disruptors taking on big shots in this industry with our end-to-end service from strategy to completion so you can focus purely on your business goals without worrying about how your brand's online presence looks or if there's enough workforce working hard behind it.

Strategic Advisory

We're here to help you uncover the opportunities in optimization and measurement strategies. And we'll be by your side as strategic advisors, ready for any challenge.

We’re only getting better from here.

Driven by an uncompromising spirit and supportive culture, we have helped many of our clients grow far beyond their expectations—but that’s just the beginning.


Work that works.

While shortcuts may help you achieve temporary success, scrappiness only gets you so far. Check out how strategic planning and exceptional teamwork will take you to the next level.