ADGY is here to take your digital marketing game to the next level.

Rise above the noise and establish your brand as a leader with our expert guidance.

Trained by top marketing practitioners globally, including CXL’s elite, we bring unparalleled expertise in SEO, CRO, PPC, and web development to advance your brand.

→ Make every penny count when you invest in ads.

→ Learn what your customers like and use that to make your messages even better.

→ Sell more online by understanding what makes people click and buy (by using behavioral psychology, persuasion, and neuromarketing).

→ Implement techniques to to make your brand really stand out — whatever industry you’re in.

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Some of the companies we work with:

No hacks.
Just great marketing.

Our team’s got the training from the best of the best, including the sharp minds over at CXL, and we’re all geared up to lift your digital marketing to places it’s never been before.

Think of us as that tireless partner in your marketing adventure, always on the lookout for new and exciting digital trends. We’re all about making sure your brand doesn’t just tag along but really leads the way.

Our approach? It’s a mix of tried-and-true skills and some serious know-how that we’ve gathered along the way.

Take a peek at our wall of certifications and awards. It’s not there to just look pretty – it’s proof of our dedication to being awesome at what we do.

Each accolade is a story of how we help brands like yours to stand out.

We’re not your average marketing agency; we’re the team that’s going to work with you to create a digital presence that’s not just good, but great.

And speaking of great, let’s dive into making your website the coolest place to be …

Make Your Website Super User-Friendly and Get More Visitors to Do What You Want

Think of your website like a fun game. We use special tricks (behavioral psychology, persuasion, and neuromarketing) to make your website easier to use and more exciting. This helps more people visit and navigate your site and do cool stuff like sign up or buy things.

Here’s what we do to make your website awesome …

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When your website is easy and fun, more people will want to visit it, sign up for your services or buy your stuff, which is what you want!

We’re a Company That Uses Data to Design and Build Websites

Our websites are made to show up at the top in Google, Bing etc. searches. We look for the best words to use, check how people use your website, and even see where they look most. We find out what’s already working for you online and discover new ways to make your brand stand out.

At the same time, we talk to you, the people involved in your business, and your audience. We study what your competitors are doing. We listen a lot and ask lots of questions to really understand your story.

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Making Your Website Tell a Cool Story

Is your website saying old stuff? Your website is like a part of your brand and should show who you are now.

We make sure the look and the words on your website work together to tell your brand’s story. After we learn a lot about your brand, we write stuff that sounds just like you. Then, we help make your website look amazing, like a digital version of what your brand is all about.


Building Guides to Help Your Brand Stand Out:

  • Thinking up ideas for what your brand should say and plan how to say it.
  • Putting together cool stuff like logos, symbols, and making sure everything matches your brand’s style.
  • Teaming up with you to build a website that you’re really going to like.

Our goal is to make your website not just look good, but also tell a story that gets people interested and makes them want to do something, like buy your stuff or sign up.

Here’s How We Can Help with Tailored Strategies for Your Business Growth

We focus on using big social media platforms like Meta, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok to get more people interested in your brand. By doing this, we create a buzz in the market. We also use smart tools that accurately track how well these efforts are working.

We tap into what people are already looking for online using Google Ads. This includes Shopping, Performance Max, Search, and Display campaigns, and you don't need to spend a lot on ad designs. We'll also assist in setting up your Google Merchant Center & Tag Manager to fully utilize Google's tools.

Our team specializes in making really catchy and effective ad designs and scripts. We use proven marketing techniques and understand how people think to make ads that really work. We're not limited to one style – whether it's still images, real-user videos, animations, or motion graphics, we focus on what gets results.

Everything begins with a great offer, doesn't it? We provide continuous consulting services to guide you on creating compelling offers, staying ahead with market trends, understanding your customers through research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) consumer reports, analyzing your competition, optimizing your website to convert visitors into customers (CRO), and much more.


Enjoy a direct and active way of talking with our marketing experts through a special Slack channel just for you. We keep you updated with reports twice a week, monthly reviews of ad creativity and what customers are thinking, calls whenever you need advice, and more – all adjusted to what you prefer. We're always just a message away to assist you!

Ready to leave your comfort zone?

Let’s go beyond the boundaries of your safe, comfortable space and make success a reality!

We’ve gathered an incredible array of services and features to help tackle any unique business challenge – no matter how complex.

And hey, why settle for something just average?

Our packages are custom-fit so you can have exactly what YOU need.

We can turbocharge your marketing, so you’ll blast past the competition and never look back! 

Our digital marketing solutions will get you where you want to go – fast.

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, strengthen your brand presence, or venture into fresh growth horizons – we gotchu covered!

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End- to- end

Let's get ready to rumble! With our team of rebels, we're throwing down the gauntlet against old-school brand and agency marketing. We provide end-to-end services that'll have your digital presence looking sharp while saving you time and workforce energy - so throw those worries away like a kite in an electrical storm because there ain't no mountain high enough for us!

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Strategic Advisory

Need an extra brain trust? We'll be your secret weapon! Let's see what kind of amazing discoveries we'll make when our strategic wizardry helps you uncover hidden opportunities and zap any obstacles. Arm yourself with the power of optimization - it's time to flex that muscle!

Our clients have plenty to say about our services, but here’s the takeaway 

toni jukic
Toni Jukič
CEO @ F45 Bezigrad
"David is very reliable, has alot of skills, he knows what he is talking about is direct,honest, and a great person to work with."
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Jure Damjan
Jure Damjan
"As the founder of a large e-commerce company, I was impressed with ADGY. Their speed, expertise, and experience were top-notch, and I appreciated their ability to provide a full range of services under one roof. This made it much easier for me to navigate the business process and achieve the results we were looking for. Overall, I highly recommend this agency to any business looking to create a brand that stands out in the market."
ziga anzlovar
Žiga Anžlovar
CEO @King Of Prosciutto
"I feel like a lottery winner every day since I crossed paths with ADGY - They are simply amazing and have made my business bloom!"
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We’re only getting better from here.

We ain’t just tapping our toes, folks! Our unbeatable drive and great team atmosphere have enabled us to take our clients from good to “Oh wow!”…

And that’s only a taste of what we can do.

Case Studies

Ever heard of the saying, “Go big or go home”?

Well that’s how we like to do things around here! Forget counting on shortcuts and scrappiness – they’re only good in a pinch. 

Let our work show you just what strategic planning can really accomplish when combined with team power – it’ll blow your mind (and take you right up to level next!).